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The Metro system has 5 lines. The Red Line , a subway that runs from Union Station to the Hollywood area and into the San Fernando Valley . From North Hollywood Station the Orange Line which uses buses run to the west end of the valley. The Blue Line runs from Red Line Downtown at 7th and Figueroa Streets to Long Beach . The Gold Line light rail runs from Union Station north to East side of Pasadena . The Green Line runs from Redondo Beach to Norwalk.

Opened in 1939, the spectacular Union Station (800 N. Alameda St.) is the rail hub for Los Angeles. It is connected to the following National Amtrak routes: The Coast Starlight, the Pacific Surfliner, The Southwest Chief, and The Sunset Limited. Metrolink is a regional light rail network that also uses Union Station as its hub and despite sharing some routes with Amtrak its tickets can be significantly cheaper.

The metro rail is the local subway system and has enjoyed major investment over the last 20 years and therefore noteworthy growth. A single trip fare on one line in one direction costs just $1.25, with day passes weighing in at $5 and weekly passes $17. The five lines are all named after the colours with which they are represented on the map: Red, Purple, Blue, Gold, Green, and Orange. Ticketing works on a trust system with no barriers or turnstiles, and all tickets can be purchased in stations. Penalties for not having a valid ticket ate steep - $250 and up to 48 hours community service.

The Famous Greyhound Bus has several stations dotted around the city which connect LA with numerous other American destinations. It’s worth noting that the main terminal at 1716 East 7th Street is in an underdeveloped neighbourhood with poor connections and therefore not the best option. Better bets are the North Hollywood station at 11239 Magnolia Boulevard or the El Monte station at 3501 North Santa Anita Avenue.

The local bus service is extensive and for many Angelenos their primary mode of transport. As well as local buses, there are also rapid busses which use the same routes but do not stop at all the stations. There is some ticketing overlap between the metro bus and rail ticketing meaning that day passes are valid on both forms of transport.

Problematic traffic conditions are notorious and have led to a great deal of smog. A car is useful however if planning to potter out of the city to visit surrounding sites. Most car rental companies have an office at LAX airport.

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