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Situated on the North West corner of Griffith Park in Los Angeles is one of the gems in LA’s museum crown, especially if you are in anyway passionate about trains!   I have a love of steam trains that dates back to my childhood, and although as an adult can see them for a noisy, dirty and slow way of getting around I now prefer to think of them in terms of elegance and romance!   

The Travel Town Transportation Museum was something I didn’t expect to find, and stumbled upon it almost by accident when reading my guidebook about Griffith Park whilst drinking my coffee and wondering whether it was better timing to visit the zoo first, or to leave that until later in the day.   As soon as I saw the museum listed, my mind was made up – the zoo could wait!

Wandering around the museum amongst the steam locomotives, I was mentally transported back to another age when these giants ruled the railways as they opened up the US.   With passenger cars, brake cars (cabooses) and freight wagons, the museum is a great way for any train enthusiast to get in touch with their inner engineer!   There’s even a 16-inch gauge train track that’s about a mile long complete with tunnel and bridges!   Watching the exciting faces of the children traveling in the carriage with me I wondered how many of them were experiencing what would be the beginning of a life-long passion with these trains.

I went to a number of more popular and publicized (not to mention expensive) theme parks and activities in Los Angeles, but if I were only allowed to return to one of them, it would be this one!


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