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Los Angeles attractions

Los Angeles

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Los Angeles basks in Southern California on America’s West or Pacific Coast. The city itself is home to approximately four million people, but there are eighteen million in the wider locale who realistically call themselves Angelenos, making it the second largest metropolitan area in the United States in terms of population.

Urban sprawl is a phrase made for LA and it can take more than two hours to drive its 44 mile length. . The interstate 10 is the major road running East to West through the city, whilst the 110 runs North to South. The mountains that bisect the city come as a surprise to most, and make it unique among the cities of the USA.

Beyond the low rises and skyscrapers, Los Angeles has a surprising number of parks and, of course, beaches. Los Angeles's Griffin Park is the country's second largest city park, behind New York's Central Park.

It is home to the L.A. Zoo. For a spectacular view of the city and the surrounding San Fernando Valley, visitors can hike up to famed Mullholland Drive. Countless beaches in the West have a big reputation and are described in more detail elsewhere on the LA eguide.

Having belonged to Mexico in the past, there is a large Hispanic community in LA, with Spanish spoken as a first or second language by almost half of the population. Los Angeles also sits on the “Pacific Ring of Fire” and is therefore susceptible to earthquakes.



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