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Los Angeles is one of the world’s great cities for dining. The glamour and glitz of the film and music industries that have large bases here have rubbed off on the dining scene: LA boasted twenty four Michelin stars in the 2009 guide. Whatever you’re in the mood for, there will be a restaurant to cater for you, with plenty of quirkier options too such as underground supper clubs or tasty “Roach coaches”.

A two Michelin starred restaurant that focuses mostly on seafood. You can expect professionalism, creativity, attention to detail and impeccable service here and the five or eight course tasting menu’s are recommended. 5955 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038 Tel - (323) 460-4170

In-N-Out Burger
At the other end of the spectrum comes an American institution - the fast food burger joint. Famous throughout the states, In-N-Out is a privately owned chain which has escaped the ire directed at similar stores by producing fresh food and paying its staff an excellent wage. The double double is its signature burger. 7009 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028 Tel - 1-800-786-1000

One of LA’s best dining rooms is situated in an 88 year old Japanese palace in the hills above Hollywood. The views of the city and the ocean are as exotic as the Palace’s past – it was rumoured to be a high class brothel during the great depression. There is a calm and intimate ambience here and the Cal-Asian food is as good as anything else in the city. 1999 North Sycamore Ave. Hollywood, CA 90068 Tel - 323-466-5125

Osteria Mozza
A serious Italian restaurant that caused an enormous stir on its launch in 2006 and is still going strong. Alongside traditional pasta dishes that are done to perfection lurk some more unusual gems such as the grilled octopus with lemon, potatoes and celery or the green tagliatelle with lamb, olive, and mint. 6602 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90038 Tel - 323-297-0100

Roach Coaches
Silver trailers that look like they might have been borrowed from one of actors on set in the area, roach coaches have become an unlikely gourmet craze both day and night. Formerly catering to Mexican construction workers and visited only by the brave, there is now a legion of trucks peddling extremely good food at even more attractive prices. From Korean Bbq, to organic hot dogs, from sushi to flavored ices, the range of options reflects the ethnic diversity of the city itself.

Underground Dining/Pop Ups
New in town? Fancy plugging into the Hispanic culture with some empanada’s in a locals own home? Well there are plenty of resources for locating what is becoming something of a craze in LA – the underground restaurant. The hours may be irregular, and the food is not always guaranteed to blow your mind, but the frisson of eating where you don’t think you should be combined with the hearty atmosphere make this dining experience strangely addictive. The internet is your best friend here, with the rapidly changing scene regularly playing out on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.



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