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Well this was probably the top of my “must see” list for Los Angeles, but although prepared for crowds, I wasn’t quite prepared for the park to be as large as it is!   Listening to other visitors, despite the mistakes I did make, I was at least pleased I hadn’t drove and had to rely on finding my car again in order to get back to my hotel!
I had hoped to watch Jay Leno.   Watching this at home I thought it would be fun to watch the show taped live.   Unfortunately I didn’t go straight to the ticket area and so by the time I arrived there, the tickets for that day were all gone.   What I did do first was to follow my guidebook’s advice and do the Studio Tour first.   This was one of the highlights of the entire visit for me, and I did manage to go on it again later in the day – this time taking a middle seat so that King Kong’s entrance didn’t scare me half to death!

Not being someone that loves thrills and spills rides, I found a lot of Universal Studios a bit wild and not for me, but the shows such as the Blues Brothers I loved and wished there were more of.   I also thought the special effect stages were interesting and once I returned home watched movies in a different light because of understanding how some of the effects are created.

For me, Universal Studios was somewhere to visit, but not somewhere I’d return to.   The entrance fee is expensive especially if most of the “big” attractions aren’t for you because of motion sickness, height or medical reasons, and you aren’t even allowed to bring your own food into the park so if you’re planning on being there a few hours (and most people will easily spend a day there) you have to pay the park prices at the various restaurants and concession stands.   As a one off however, I’d have to say, it IS something you have to do in LA – just get there early if you want to see Leno live!



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